Lancashire people have a bond of affinity based on their upbringing which makes them friendly people who like to have a good time together and do some good for others. Having migrated to London that desire to meet other Lancastrians is the reason for the Association.

– The Association of Lancastrians in London, The First Hundred Years

If you wish to join the Association of Lancastrians in London then please fill in an Application Form and return it by post to the Membership Secretary at the address on the form. If you are an existing member and wish to invite someone to the Association then simply refer them to this section of the website or, print off the necessary forms for them and ask that they mail them back to the Hon. Membership Secretary.

Members will receive a quarterly newsletter where we share stories and photos of our events and other Lancastrian news. You will also receive invitations to each of our events where you can join in and meet with fellow Lancastrians.