Benevolent Fund


The Association’s second President, the Earl of Lathom, insisted that there should be a benevolent aim. Ever since, the trustees of the Association’s charity have always focused on supporting education for children of Lancashire.

In 2022 we have made grants to:

· The Comino Trust Manchester to support a Bury school in the costs of bringing children to London

· Lancashire County Cricket Club’s disabled youth cricket team

· The DIY Young Persons’ Theatre in Salford which works with children with learning disabilities

· Brookside School in Clitheroe

· Fleetwood High School to help in overhauling their sound system

· Cybergirls First who are taking young girls from areas of Blackpool to Lancaster University for tutoring in further education and especially IT. The donation helps pay for the bus transport and ensures that those who would otherwise not be able to afford the fare are able to go on the visit.